Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The shop is moving into  a place where it will become a area to
pull  stock from for the new web site  is that good well, there is two
ways of looking at the situation I think that if people can't come to me
than I have to go to them the new web site is live and can be used so go and check
it out and see if this is the way to buy . metrodarts.com  Metro darts wants to take care of the customers and those that have used the shop for the last 19 years !  So I think if you choose to come in to the shop so be it but I need to be ready for anything !   Let us look at the shop online it has Shot
products on it will there be others, not for now until I see this growth will I add things ? The web site has darts,flights,shafts,cases, and I will be adding more as I sell more! The web site has the basic things you need to get started in darts . I feel this is a good way to grow with a good company and live alongside their merritt they have been around for 30 years and have new and exciting products each year! The shop will try to keep in all products in stock and would like to see people start buying in quantity like for shafts and flights and parts. This will kept the product down in price and easy to get.  Now lets look at the customer the sport has been growing the last few years and the new people have been growing a lot people just getting into the sport it is something you can do at home you don't have to drive anywhere after the first cost of set-up  the only thing you pay for is league and some parts for your darts.For those who have been playing for a while the leagues are now on the web you can play so many different players from around the world and get better buy doing so. The sport needs to grow to get new blood in the game is a plus so let's all do our part and ask people into the sport!
Lets talk a little on my part I would like to see the sport grow also so I want to start leagues in the shop and in homes and into the bars that are open . I want to help to bring product to the tournaments so that people can get good quality I would like to promote buy the way of  class online how to buy darts and parts . I would like to have community  get involved by putting on clinics. There is so much to do and to see how this sport can involve so many people. Conclusion lets see the future and go and grasp it and grow.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Roman Empire-Ballista-Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-23gm It takes more than brute strength to win a war. The Roman Empire range is Shot’s tribute to the great minds that gave the ancient Romans their decisive military victories. Break down the walls in the way of victory. Once the Roman’s most advanced piece of military technology, the Ballista was designed to launch missiles and smash through fortress walls during a siege. Ballista’s powerful 90% tungsten dart barrel will help you reduce even the most formidable opponents to rubble. Accurate at a distance, this straight dart set features the Testudo and Hilt grips to get the job done, then coated in durable bronze titanium.
 1) Packaging. (7) The box looks cool has a foam area to hold darts , also gives you a description of product on box.
2)  Points   Points are made for darts (8) like the design  
3) flights   (8) Very colorful, flight goes well with the barrel 
4) barrel    (9)  Very nice barrel easy grip ,slim barrel for the speed , colorful finish  
5) price      (9) You pay for what you get one of the higher prices but affordable.
6) weights  (8) You may get this dart in many different grams weights  
7)All in all  (8) This is a great dart I like the feel and the look of the dart the points are cool and I like that there is many weights to the darts

0.0720.1750.01metersh  w d

Monday, June 8, 2020

                                                 Roman Empire-Caesar-Steel Tip Dart Set-95% Tungsten-23gm It takes more than brute strength to win a war. The Roman Empire range is Shot’s tribute to the great minds that gave the ancient Romans their decisive military victories. Declare yourself ruler of the oche. Caesar was the title given to the Roman emperor – a conquering hero driven by burning ambition, who seized power and rose to glory for outsmarting and outmanoeuvring Rome’s adversaries. Ingenuity, strategy and tactics combine in Caesar, a refined front-weighted barrel, battle forged in 95% tungsten to take command of every game. Its finely tapered pencil shape features a triple threat combination of Testudo, Gladius and Hilt precision grips to conquer the most formidable rivals. The ultrafine titanium coating in gold and purple gives the ultimate imperial finish.

0.0720.1750.01meters w d
 1) flights  (7)   kinda plain but nice 100 micon easy to hole punch
2) shafts   (7)  nylon shafts   
3) This is one of the best barrels  (9) I have felt it changes throughout the barrel giving it one of the best feels for a barrel 
4) Points  (8)  black finish to hold the board better  easy to change out when you would like but why? 
5) Price  (9) one of the largest prices for a dart that I carry in the shop but well worth it !
6)Boxing   (8)  I like the boxing for all the darts that shot makes easy to get to darts looks great alot of color and tells you all about the darts on the outside of box.
7) All in All   (8)  This is the dart people want and it comes in many weights 22gr to 25gr color is nice shape of the barrel is great grip is very good just a all round dart !

Come check it out here at Metro Darts
5687 n canal
Dimondale Michigan


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