Friday, June 26, 2020

Roman Empire-Ballista-Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-23gm It takes more than brute strength to win a war. The Roman Empire range is Shot’s tribute to the great minds that gave the ancient Romans their decisive military victories. Break down the walls in the way of victory. Once the Roman’s most advanced piece of military technology, the Ballista was designed to launch missiles and smash through fortress walls during a siege. Ballista’s powerful 90% tungsten dart barrel will help you reduce even the most formidable opponents to rubble. Accurate at a distance, this straight dart set features the Testudo and Hilt grips to get the job done, then coated in durable bronze titanium.
 1) Packaging. (7) The box looks cool has a foam area to hold darts , also gives you a description of product on box.
2)  Points   Points are made for darts (8) like the design  
3) flights   (8) Very colorful, flight goes well with the barrel 
4) barrel    (9)  Very nice barrel easy grip ,slim barrel for the speed , colorful finish  
5) price      (9) You pay for what you get one of the higher prices but affordable.
6) weights  (8) You may get this dart in many different grams weights  
7)All in all  (8) This is a great dart I like the feel and the look of the dart the points are cool and I like that there is many weights to the darts

0.0720.1750.01metersh  w d

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