Saturday, July 11, 2020

What do you look at when buying a dart nylon shaft?

Eagle Claw Shaft Inbetween Bone White with ring. Eagle Claw shafts are manufactured from tough and durable nylon material with a 2BA thread. The deep cut in the shaft ensures your flight can be pushed well down into the slot which means a greater contact surface. Shafts are fitted with an additional ring to ensure a tight fit between flight and shaft during play and feature Eagle Claw™ icon. Shot Darts Eagle Claw shafts are sold in sets of 3 and are available in 12 striking colors. Measurement: Does not include thread.
When I sell dart shafts they come in different sizes short, inbetween, and med from this company I buy from They are top of the line shafts and will last as long as you take care of them they have a ring to hold the flight on better to the shaft as shafts are selling like this to help the customer out in the long run also so they dont have to buy rings separately. I have found these shafts hold up very well when drop on floor and when hit buy another dart. The price range they are a little bet pricy but the lasting power will make up for that!  You can come into the shop and give the sizes a try to see what you need.

0.10.0450.005meters w d

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Metro Darts. : How do you buy that dart that you will play with?

Metro Darts. : How do you buy that dart that you will play with?: First let us look at what  will  a dart consist of ,  the dart point , the dart barrel, shaft, and the flight these components will be a b...

How do you buy that dart that you will play with?

First let us look at what  will  a dart consist of ,  the dart point , the dart barrel, shaft, and the flight these components will be a big part of what and how the dart flies . The dart point comes in many links from short to long, the points might be black or silver in color and they might have designs in the point for feel for those who lay the finger or fingers on the point before a shot for grip.Next we move to the barrel this I feel is the most important part of the dart . The barrel is made of different  materials brass, tungsten, nickel and silver. The barrel can be many different colors by what the dart is made of and the paint that might be used. The dart length can make or break a dart it has to be true because it has to balance or the flight of the dart will vary. Lastly you have to have a dart that feels good in your hand thats were rings, grooves, and designs in the barrel might make all the difference.
There is one more thing the weight of the dart. The dart  barrel has to weight just right or you might get tired or the flight of the dart will change because of how hard you throw or how soft you throw. There is a grip chart that you can feel the smoothness or the rigid feel of the barrel that is in your head! Let move on to the shaft there are plastic , nylon, aluminum, titanium ,steel  shafts each has different weights consistencies so you have to try them all to see what works for you each also has different staying powers that is which one last longer and how it holds up to ware. There is color that comes in to the equation also you can get any color of the rainbow. One last thing you have many lengths to chose from extra short ,short , in between, medium, long each will have a affect on the way the dart moves threw flight in the air. Let us look at the next part which you will be buying the most of and that is the flights. The dart flights come in many colors, and shapes like slim, pear, kite, small standard, and standard.They come in different materials also  from fabric, nylon, plastic and much more you have to choose they each have a different endurance time frame. The cost and the styles of the flight are the last two things that you might look at so choose well. I think this gives  you the basic start to pick a great dart!  Have fun and like I aways say come to Metro Darts where you get to try before you buy!!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Metro Darts The Good Years.

How many of you know about Metro Darts?  Metro darts is going on its 20th year it has been serving in many capacities, it started out selling goods out of a briefcase than started having its own leagues In a small town of Dimondale it was a 1,500 foot sq building with a dart shop and leagues that went on four 6 years. The shop started to slow down a little so I open a shop next to my home and that's where I have stayed. The shop has grown and now has a web site just to sell darting goods I did forget one thing In those years I started to sell and service many of the bars in and out of michigan totaling 45 in all at my highest point this is one of my setup the nuthouse in lansing . I have put on many dart promotions in and threw the state where I would go to tourneys and do sales also shows and a  like. In the past few years I have added disc golf were I sell all disc golf goods but I also design courses with 11 under my belt five that I have done from start to finish! I designed a course that is handicap accessible in atlanta michigan. In the shop I sell goods from MVP, Prodigy, Discraft , and gateway. Some of the things I have done in the sport is had a day in the park were many young people would come and learn how to play disc golf . I also did a time were i would teach class in the YMCA to young people who are just starting out playing the sport. One of the things I took on was a putting league in the summit for 9 weeks it went well starting at 10 people and having 45  when I finished .

Well I just wanted you to know what and how this Metro Darts got its humble start and hope that it keeps going for a long time!

Thank you all for your support!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The shop is moving into  a place where it will become a area to
pull  stock from for the new web site  is that good well, there is two
ways of looking at the situation I think that if people can't come to me
than I have to go to them the new web site is live and can be used so go and check
it out and see if this is the way to buy .  Metro darts wants to take care of the customers and those that have used the shop for the last 19 years !  So I think if you choose to come in to the shop so be it but I need to be ready for anything !   Let us look at the shop online it has Shot
products on it will there be others, not for now until I see this growth will I add things ? The web site has darts,flights,shafts,cases, and I will be adding more as I sell more! The web site has the basic things you need to get started in darts . I feel this is a good way to grow with a good company and live alongside their merritt they have been around for 30 years and have new and exciting products each year! The shop will try to keep in all products in stock and would like to see people start buying in quantity like for shafts and flights and parts. This will kept the product down in price and easy to get.  Now lets look at the customer the sport has been growing the last few years and the new people have been growing a lot people just getting into the sport it is something you can do at home you don't have to drive anywhere after the first cost of set-up  the only thing you pay for is league and some parts for your darts.For those who have been playing for a while the leagues are now on the web you can play so many different players from around the world and get better buy doing so. The sport needs to grow to get new blood in the game is a plus so let's all do our part and ask people into the sport!
Lets talk a little on my part I would like to see the sport grow also so I want to start leagues in the shop and in homes and into the bars that are open . I want to help to bring product to the tournaments so that people can get good quality I would like to promote buy the way of  class online how to buy darts and parts . I would like to have community  get involved by putting on clinics. There is so much to do and to see how this sport can involve so many people. Conclusion lets see the future and go and grasp it and grow.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Roman Empire-Ballista-Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-23gm It takes more than brute strength to win a war. The Roman Empire range is Shot’s tribute to the great minds that gave the ancient Romans their decisive military victories. Break down the walls in the way of victory. Once the Roman’s most advanced piece of military technology, the Ballista was designed to launch missiles and smash through fortress walls during a siege. Ballista’s powerful 90% tungsten dart barrel will help you reduce even the most formidable opponents to rubble. Accurate at a distance, this straight dart set features the Testudo and Hilt grips to get the job done, then coated in durable bronze titanium.
 1) Packaging. (7) The box looks cool has a foam area to hold darts , also gives you a description of product on box.
2)  Points   Points are made for darts (8) like the design  
3) flights   (8) Very colorful, flight goes well with the barrel 
4) barrel    (9)  Very nice barrel easy grip ,slim barrel for the speed , colorful finish  
5) price      (9) You pay for what you get one of the higher prices but affordable.
6) weights  (8) You may get this dart in many different grams weights  
7)All in all  (8) This is a great dart I like the feel and the look of the dart the points are cool and I like that there is many weights to the darts

0.0720.1750.01metersh  w d

Monday, June 8, 2020

                                                 Roman Empire-Caesar-Steel Tip Dart Set-95% Tungsten-23gm It takes more than brute strength to win a war. The Roman Empire range is Shot’s tribute to the great minds that gave the ancient Romans their decisive military victories. Declare yourself ruler of the oche. Caesar was the title given to the Roman emperor – a conquering hero driven by burning ambition, who seized power and rose to glory for outsmarting and outmanoeuvring Rome’s adversaries. Ingenuity, strategy and tactics combine in Caesar, a refined front-weighted barrel, battle forged in 95% tungsten to take command of every game. Its finely tapered pencil shape features a triple threat combination of Testudo, Gladius and Hilt precision grips to conquer the most formidable rivals. The ultrafine titanium coating in gold and purple gives the ultimate imperial finish.

0.0720.1750.01meters w d
 1) flights  (7)   kinda plain but nice 100 micon easy to hole punch
2) shafts   (7)  nylon shafts   
3) This is one of the best barrels  (9) I have felt it changes throughout the barrel giving it one of the best feels for a barrel 
4) Points  (8)  black finish to hold the board better  easy to change out when you would like but why? 
5) Price  (9) one of the largest prices for a dart that I carry in the shop but well worth it !
6)Boxing   (8)  I like the boxing for all the darts that shot makes easy to get to darts looks great alot of color and tells you all about the darts on the outside of box.
7) All in All   (8)  This is the dart people want and it comes in many weights 22gr to 25gr color is nice shape of the barrel is great grip is very good just a all round dart !

Come check it out here at Metro Darts
5687 n canal
Dimondale Michigan


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Metro Darts. : Preorder new shirts from Shot darts!

Metro Darts. : Preorder new shirts from Shot darts!: Preorder your shirt today  The new polo shirt from SHOT darts you must start a preorder to get one of these shirts be one of the f...

Preorder new shirts from Shot darts!

Preorder your shirt today

 The new polo shirt from SHOT darts you must start a preorder
to get one of these shirts be one of the first ones to order! If you are the first person to preorder metro darts will give the second shirt for 1/2 off . How good does that sound?
These shirts come in small to 4xxl and they match one of the darts that are made by SHOT.  I have two different shirts now and they are very comfortable , breathable, and give you plenty
of room to move! So what do you think? Want one 65.95 each if you do
buy two Metro Darts will give you the second one for 59.95. So heres
what you have to do call 517-646-7976 and put down 1/2 of your order
and in a couple of weeks or maybe a little more you will have your shirt.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Metro Darts. : Zen Roshi Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-25gm Ach...

Metro Darts. : Zen Roshi Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-25gm Ach...: Zen Roshi Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-25gm Achieve mastery by stealth The Zen philosophy says ‘prioritise carefully, and choose only ...
Zen Roshi Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-25gm Achieve mastery by stealth The Zen philosophy says ‘prioritise carefully, and choose only the essentials’. The Zen range by Shot Darts is a pared back dart series, free of distraction. Precision made at our factory in New Zealand, Zen barrels feature classic ring grips and push points that will suit most players and throwing styles. This sleek, front weighted dart is pared back to a zen-like simplicity, and shielded by a black titanium coating just a few microns deep. For the ultimate element of surprise. 

1)  Flights  (7)  Very nice subtle   flights each dart has its own flight style and it helps to  pick your darts out in crowd. price range 1.25 to 1.50 depending how many you buy.

2) Shafts    (7)  Nylon black with a hint of white  very nice long lasting shaft. price range of 2.15 to 2.50 depending how many you buy.

3) Barrel       (8)  This barrel is very hot seller it has many different styles of rings and the color is a gray black dart barrel, the front has a rounded shape.90 % tungsten comes in 25 grams

4)  Boxing  (7)  Has a foam case for all the parts vary colorful outside of box 

5) Grip       (9)  I really like this grip with so many different rings the feel is very good 4 grip scale out of 5

6)price       (9)  very good price  for the quality of darts 

7) all in all (8) These are a great set of darts for someone getting better at darts and wants that dart that can take them to the next level.

0.072 0.175 0.01 metersh  w d

Sunday, May 17, 2020

I am totally outraged!


Outrage 23 gram
  • Ultra-modern precision machined high quality brass barrels that will guarantee performance and style on the oche
  • Multiple angular buttress grooves provide the perfect grip
  • Classic parallel profile for players of all ability
  • Finished with class leading matt black coating and a touch of class

  • Flights   (7). regular standard red ,yellow ,bLACK 

  • SHAFTS   Prism shafts  (7) very nice shafts looks are great they might not have the sturdy power that most like  I like the rings in the shaft and the colors

  • BARRELS.  (7) These are brass darts so they will have big barrels  weights are 20gr 21gr 22gr 23gr barrel profile is specialist the front part of dart is round color of barrel is red, black, and yellow.

  • BOXING.  (7) comes in a foam holder for all dart parts and barrel nice boxing .

  • TIPS    (8)  Black high tensile holds to the sisel when threw at boards 

  • PRICE   (8) very good price at 20 $ range 

  • brass darts  (5)

  • Company   Winmau great company will stand behind there darts and design

  • All ana all.   I like the way they throw the feel is good 4 on the aggressive meter as far as grip the grip is full length  they have round rings and buttress groves. These are a great beginner dart but not meant for league play.

  • Saturday, May 16, 2020

    We are going Interstellar on you !

    Interstellar 24 gram
    85% Tungsten alloy
    Stunning darts that perform every bit as good as they look
    The grooved rings are machined with the highest quality tolerances for perfect hand-to-grip feel
    The space-age PVD Grip produces a dart of sublime appearance packed with the technology to match
    Crafted for players who demand pinpoint accuracy and aerodynamic perfection
    1) flights. (7) Black and purple long lasting flights. prism flights
    2) shafts. (7) nylon black shafts lightweight with metal ring to hold flights better.
    3) Barrel (8) 24gr and 26gr steel tip, center weighted ,front profile round , Laser winmau name,
    4) boxing (7) nicely colored box darts are put in foam holder well done
    5)Tips. (6). Silver effect high tensile
    6) Price (6) price well in the 60$ range ok for these darts .
    7) Tungsten 85%. (6). Middle of the line darts good for the quality.
    8) Grip (7) i like the grip 1 thru 5 it is a 3 grip goes thru the whole barrel it has round grooves and the color is purple.
    9) Company Winmau (9) great company will take care of you throughout your darting times!
    10) all in all (6) These darts are quite capable and you will have these for a long time before you upgrade the feel is better than most and the rings are throughout the barrel for good grip. If you like a rounded front these will fit the bill.

    Thursday, May 14, 2020

    Metro Darts. : Ronin Rei Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm. A ...

    Metro Darts. : Ronin Rei Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm. A ...: Ronin Rei Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm. A Warrior Bends So They Do Not Break. Ronin is a range of darts for the skilful player. St...

    REI Darts from Shot Darts

    Ronin Rei Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm. A Warrior Bends So They Do Not Break. Ronin is a range of darts for the skilful player. Standout graphics in regal colours echo an ancient Japanese warrior dynasty, that of a warrior with no master. These Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues. The code of Ronin Rei is one of respect among darts players – a trusted ally to be relied upon in the fiercest combat to strike with force and act with honour. Ronin Rei is a swift and stealthy 90% Tungsten premium barrel available in bold, flag-bearing red to command respect. This high calibre dart is centre weighted with an assertive, brick like ‘Masonry Grip’ on the front and rear of the barrel. The mid section of the barrel is encircled by the ‘Gauntlet Grip’ of a swift and deadly pair of shark fins. Sleek, sharp radial edges expose the design’s finer points, while it shears through the air and cuts down the competition.

    The rei dart just feels good in the hand the barrel is weighted in the middle of the barrel for the better player !  The rings are staggered in a square all around the barrel quite different from any other dart I have seen .  It has a snub nose and the tips are black to better hold the dart in the board. These darts match the shirt that i just put on facebook you can get this in softip and steel tip 18 gr is the best for softip and steel has 22gr to 25 gr . The price is right and I feel this is great for the better player or one that wants to get better!  

    1) flights.  (9) These are just cool flights the color and the picture it shows  these are 100micr  standard small .  flights cost 1.50 buy five  if you buy 20 they go for 1.25.

    2). Shafts.  (7)  These are the nylon shaft I really like the way they are made as they hold up even in the toughest situation. Each have a metal ring to keep flight on better.

    3)barrel.     (10)  This  is one of the best barrels I have seen I like the square rings the grip as it is one of the finest i have felt! The color of the rings are very nice and subtle and I like the balance of these darts as they are center balanced .

    4) Boxing    (7). Shot does a very good job boxing each set but I would like to see better boxing as the darts get better!

    5). Tips.     (8).   The tips are black and hold the board very good .

    6). price     (9)  you pay more for a better dart so this is no exception don't hesitate  just buy this one if you like how it throws!

    7) tungsten.  (9) 90%.  can't get much better than that.

    8) company   (9)  Shot does what it takes to make the best of the best and still give great service to me and you !

    9) playability.  (9).  These are one of the best  set of darts you can throw  the feel is great the balance is great and i like the color the dart flyes true to were you throw and it gets to the board fast!

    10).  All in All.   (8)  If you want the best feel and the best performance these are the darts for you .  

    Monday, May 11, 2020

    Dart Shirts

    New Shirt From Shot Darts
    This polo shirt is very comfortable comes in sizes small to 5xl color is very vibrant and is great for league play the price is 69 and up for larger sizes  this is a must for the darters that play a-lot it gives  greta room in arm and neck areas and it breaths quite well!

    Come to Metro Darts and order for that next league play needs 4 to six weeks to get so pre order now  i do stock a few in shop two differnt styles

    5687 n canal Dimondale Mi 48821 517-646-7976

    Sunday, May 10, 2020

    These are the Wild Frontier darts from SHOT DARTS

    Wild Frontier-Prospector-Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm Saddle up, players, and join our wagon-train through the Wild West. From straight-arrow sheriffs to ornery outlaws – Wild Frontier recalls the legends and pays tribute to the skill and resilience of these gold mining, bear-trapping, hard-living pioneers. Prospector is a 90% Tungsten, back weighted dart, precision crafted to help you strike it lucky. With its tapered, missile shaped barrel, this dart will help you dig deep and give the game all you’ve got. Finished in lustrous gold titanium coating, and contrasted in coal-black titanium, the Prospector features the revolver grip at the push point, our most positive and comfortable grip yet. This grip profile allows you to relax your finger but still maintain complete control. Whether you’re an old-timer or a young buck, you’re sure to hit pay dirt with the Prospector

    These darts are the best of the best they are one of the most expensive darts from Shot With the gold, silver and black finish they look like they can take on everything that is put in front of them!  The feel is very good with rings going in two differnt directions for better grip and throwing possibilities.These darts have a weight back feel to them so it brings the dart down a little to get that next dart in the rings on the board!

    1)Flights  ( 7 )Great set of flights match the darts to a tee!

    2)shafts  (9) These are the carbon shaft highest quality price is high but i would not put any thing that is cheap on these darts

    3)Barrel ( 9 )I have to say these darts look and feel great and get to the board with ease I love the color, I like  the rings so many differnt  ones !

    4) Boxing  ( 7). I like the boxing from Shot  it is easy to mix and match the flights with the box each dart comes in a foam body put into the box that hold flights ,shafts, and barrels. Easy to read what the dart does as it tills you on box.

    5) tips ( 7 ) I really  I play with the black coated tips they hold the board better and look great with dart barrel.

    6) price( 9) is high 115.00 or more  but worth it  you have to pay for the best in the line.

    7) Tungsten  (9) 90%  Again you get the highest when you buy the best

    8)Company  (8). i have to say they are one of the better companies i have worked with there products are top of the line they help me out were needed and i like how the box all there products.

    9)  Playability. (9). These are the best in its class easy to play with as it fits right in hand! I really like the rings as it helps with grip   the look of these darts are out of this world  just a class dart!

    10) Allin all.   8  and half  There were just a few things, this would be a great dart as a slim dart also with no taper but all in all for a weight forward dart you cannot go wrong!

    Friday, May 8, 2020


    These are the RONIN MAKDTO soft and steel tip darts

    Ronin Makoto Soft Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-18gm. A true warrior is action over words. Ronin is a range of darts for the skillful player. Standout graphics in regal colours echo an ancient Japanese warrior dynasty, that of a warrior with no master. These Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues. A Ronin does what is right, not what is easy, and Ronin Makoto values honesty above all. The front weighted version of its brother in arms, Ronin Rei, this exceptional 90% tungsten barrel features a slightly softer, yet still unwavering grid-like Shot Darts Masonry grip. Detailed milling and sharp radial edges are honed to precision and serve a solid, 5/5 grip close to the nose of the barrel – like a firm handshake. Ronin Makoto delivers a reliable push point with zero slip or drag on release. A strong player’s game is built on integrity because the ultimate honour lies in playing a good game.

    This is a weight forward dart that carries great power to the board! It has a many ring barrel black and silver finish nylon shaft and a great flight for color matching. Tips are black and hold the board.

    Flights   (8) 100 micron great long lasting flight

    Shafts.   (8) i like all the nylon shafts they are heavy nylon and come in so many colors

    Barrels    (7) The barrel is a basic weight forward dart these have a great grip to them come in many weights

    Tips.        (8)   black  for better grip  soft tip last for a good long time. 

    playability. (9). i am a weight forward player and i like these alot it get to the board fast for those who lob and the grip is great  I use all kinds of shafts and flights so that is interchangeable and easy to pick what i like . 

    Thank you for using Metro Darts where we leave the bull to you !

    5687 n canal 
    Dimondale MI 48821

    Thursday, May 7, 2020

    Metro Darts. : What is this tool?

    Metro Darts. : What is this tool?: So who here plays soft tip ? What tool is this ? Here at metro darts have quite a few of these in the shop have you guessed yet? It...

    What is this tool?

    So who here plays soft tip ?

    What tool is this ?

    Here at metro darts have quite a few of these in the shop have you guessed yet?

    It is a case that holds tips and it is a very good one that works great and holds quite a few tips !  It comes in a few colors and is easy to use as you just twist the body and it opens to get your tips out I like the way it will holds to your normal case with a snap I like to see it is not cheaply made and will last for a long time . 

    thanks for using metro darts !

    5687 n canal Dimondale Mi 48821


    Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    Locking shaft system

    Good morning all this is Tuesday and i got up a 5:00am got ready to take my wife to work it is a great morning !
    I read over my e-mails when i got back home did not have many so I started on the idea of what subject  to  write today .  The coffee is brewing and the smell is fab I can not wait to get that first sip. I guess while I wait for the coffee I will get in that first shower of the day wow I feel great lets keep on with the thought of what to write about . I think most of you who play darts have to have the best set of darts you can afford so lets get them out and see how we can make them better .  Mine are a few years old so lets start at the tips if you have black tips like mine are they fully black or do they show were ? Mine so were so you Know what that means . The second thing you look at is the barrel well I am good there they are only a few years old come on i don't need to change anything on the barrel! Well the third thing is the shaft I use a different one each week, So I just change them up like the color or the shape and yes even what is is made of poly, nylon, alum, carbon well you get what I mean. The last thing to look at is the flight there is so much to choose from poly, fabric, nylon , carbon , and yes even hard plastic that last for a long time! Well i guess thats it no, no no, you forgot the O-rings most shafts have to have o-rings to keep the shaft from coming out of the barrel  or loosing and here at Metro Darts we have the o-rings you need you can buy a 12 pack or you can pay for the 50 pack that has the tool to get these little rings on the end of the shaft. The tool fits over the screw in part that goes into the barrel and then you just slide the o-rings on the shaft and now they won't come off when you are playing darts! Wow that was not  a easy thing to write about but it was a need that most people don't think about I am so glad that I can help were needed if you have any questions and want to Know more about your dart leave a comment below i will get back with you this is jeff signing off  and here at Metro Darts  WE LEAVE THE BULL TO YOU!

    Metro Darts 
    5687 n canal 
    Dimondale Mi 48821

    What do you look at when buying a dart nylon shaft?

    Eagle Claw Shaft Inbetween Bone White with ring. Eagle Claw shafts are manufactured from tough and durable nylon material with a 2BA thre...

    black out darts