Thursday, July 9, 2020

How do you buy that dart that you will play with?

First let us look at what  will  a dart consist of ,  the dart point , the dart barrel, shaft, and the flight these components will be a big part of what and how the dart flies . The dart point comes in many links from short to long, the points might be black or silver in color and they might have designs in the point for feel for those who lay the finger or fingers on the point before a shot for grip.Next we move to the barrel this I feel is the most important part of the dart . The barrel is made of different  materials brass, tungsten, nickel and silver. The barrel can be many different colors by what the dart is made of and the paint that might be used. The dart length can make or break a dart it has to be true because it has to balance or the flight of the dart will vary. Lastly you have to have a dart that feels good in your hand thats were rings, grooves, and designs in the barrel might make all the difference.
There is one more thing the weight of the dart. The dart  barrel has to weight just right or you might get tired or the flight of the dart will change because of how hard you throw or how soft you throw. There is a grip chart that you can feel the smoothness or the rigid feel of the barrel that is in your head! Let move on to the shaft there are plastic , nylon, aluminum, titanium ,steel  shafts each has different weights consistencies so you have to try them all to see what works for you each also has different staying powers that is which one last longer and how it holds up to ware. There is color that comes in to the equation also you can get any color of the rainbow. One last thing you have many lengths to chose from extra short ,short , in between, medium, long each will have a affect on the way the dart moves threw flight in the air. Let us look at the next part which you will be buying the most of and that is the flights. The dart flights come in many colors, and shapes like slim, pear, kite, small standard, and standard.They come in different materials also  from fabric, nylon, plastic and much more you have to choose they each have a different endurance time frame. The cost and the styles of the flight are the last two things that you might look at so choose well. I think this gives  you the basic start to pick a great dart!  Have fun and like I aways say come to Metro Darts where you get to try before you buy!!

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