Friday, July 3, 2020

Metro Darts The Good Years.

How many of you know about Metro Darts?  Metro darts is going on its 20th year it has been serving in many capacities, it started out selling goods out of a briefcase than started having its own leagues In a small town of Dimondale it was a 1,500 foot sq building with a dart shop and leagues that went on four 6 years. The shop started to slow down a little so I open a shop next to my home and that's where I have stayed. The shop has grown and now has a web site just to sell darting goods I did forget one thing In those years I started to sell and service many of the bars in and out of michigan totaling 45 in all at my highest point this is one of my setup the nuthouse in lansing . I have put on many dart promotions in and threw the state where I would go to tourneys and do sales also shows and a  like. In the past few years I have added disc golf were I sell all disc golf goods but I also design courses with 11 under my belt five that I have done from start to finish! I designed a course that is handicap accessible in atlanta michigan. In the shop I sell goods from MVP, Prodigy, Discraft , and gateway. Some of the things I have done in the sport is had a day in the park were many young people would come and learn how to play disc golf . I also did a time were i would teach class in the YMCA to young people who are just starting out playing the sport. One of the things I took on was a putting league in the summit for 9 weeks it went well starting at 10 people and having 45  when I finished .

Well I just wanted you to know what and how this Metro Darts got its humble start and hope that it keeps going for a long time!

Thank you all for your support!!!

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