Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to buy a dart board part 2

Here are a few good dart boards Winmau, Nodor, Hammer head to name a few I sell Winmau boards in my shop 9 to 1. There are four different kind of boards blade boards, diamond wire , and round wire which most people buy because they are cheap to buy at 30 to 50 dollars range , there is the practice dart board which has twice as small double and triple wires and is a great way to improve your scoring. Each board has its own makers that's why there are so many boards out there and when you find one you like by trying them out in different pubs and dart establishments, than you can make a choice of the maker of the boards. the sisal boards price range from 30 to 100 dollars buy buying one at the higher range you will get a better board each style is your preference i have each in my shooting room so people can get a idea what they want ! The dart board is one thing you should not skimp on because of price most boards last about the same  except when used in a pub there they last 4 to 6 months, if you are buying for home it should last 1 to two years after that the sisal starts getting bad. The one thing that all should remember is never never spray water on a board always uses a oil base like wd40 at about two to three feet away one quick spay sideways is great and it will make the board last longer do this once a month.There are a couple more things i would look for in buying a dart board always buy one that has metal  framing not plastic ! Do not use metal backings that they put in the dartboard case they do not hold the board in place very well make wooden shims and put four to the back of the board they are solid as a rock.

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