Friday, November 1, 2013

How to buy your frist dart board

There are many dart boards out there ,but they all are round in shape if we are talking steel tip darts.
    They come with numbers on them from one to twenty the numbers are used for the different kinds of games played. Each board has color to the face of the board red. black, green and many more . The color does make a different so pick one that the eye can adapt to. The front of the board has wire on it to were the darts hit between the wires to score points. There is two different kinds of wire round and very thin wire that goes into the board this board cost a lot more then the round wire because it is thinner more chance to score points than the round wire and it does not have any clips to hold wire on the board, the clips also have a chance to be in the way of the darts scoring points. Dart boards are made of paper which are very cheep and do not hold up to the darts very well.They are also made of sisal which is a plant and  made in UK, Africa, China . There are many manufactures out there this is were you can run into trouble because of how each makes there board and the cost! I carry in my shop many different brands the higher the price the better the board you may also look for the sisal to be hard or soft i like the soft boards they take the dart better and heal the board better but some like the harder boards because they hold the dart into the board because you throw harder.

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