Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Jeff Smith darts from Winmau

Professional class darts

Designed by jeff "the Silencer "  Smith, these 90% tungsten darts are engineered for clinical finishing- a key characteristic of jeff game. Sleek , perfectly balanced precision rings grip pattern , these striking darts with urban grip coating provide an accurate throw time and time again.

>90% Tungsten

>Prism Force shafts

> Prism Alpha Flights

These are the Jeff Smith soft tip darts  18Grams Prism force shafts 7020.201 with the Prism Alpha flights 6915.104.
Jeff Smith 25gram steel tip darts

Boxing    6
shafts   6
Flights  7
Barrel  7 The rings and the smaller rings in the back of the barrel are quite nice they give you a feel and grip that you need to get it to the board fast and hit the mark that you are aiming for. the color though out the rings is very cool .
color    8    I can't say much about this color except wow  it stands out !

playability. 8 they hit the spot were you aim and thats what you want !

Metro Darts carries a full line of Winmau flights, shafts, and barrels and can order parts if i do not stock so you owe it to yourself to give this company a try  call 5176467976. jeff 

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