Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Simon Whhitlock

Simon Whitlock 90% Tungsten

Simon Whitlock brass darts

The darts come in soft tip and steel tip .
Steel tip 1408  22g 24 with the urban grip.
1442 22g 24

2405 18g 20g with the Urban grip
2097 18g 20

brass 1224 22g 24g
227 18g

Jeffs pick

> boxing 7 very colorful rubber holder of darts
>Shafts    6  nelon black shaft  prism force
> Flights   6 Very colorful 100 mic will hold up great
> Barrel  8 skinny Alot of grip rings and barrel finger placement in center of barrel
Points 7 i like the black finish they hold the sisel better
> play-ably 9 I really like the way it is balance and the grip to get to the board fast most of all the differnt grips styles in the barrel for better feel what a great dart! 

Simon Whitlock 
90 % tungsten darts

> Prism Force Shafts

> Prism Alpha Flights

Professional class darts
Ensure blockbusting checkouts and devastating accuracy with Simon's latest striking and durable Urban grip coated and naturally finish darts. These darts have a perfect grip and balance right from the moment you start throwing them.

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