Wednesday, April 29, 2020

How to pick a place where your team plays

I work very hard picking my team to play in league and I like to do just the same in picking where I play!  Here are a few things I like to look at before I make my choices #1 I like to be in a general area of all my players so they don't have to travel very far.  #2  I like a place that has good parking so I don't have to walk far and the cars are safe. #3 I like a place that has music as people get into a rhythm as they play.  #4 The place has to have four boards or more  it makes for better play. # 5 It has to be a place that everybody on the team likes. #6  It has to have good food and drinks and I think one of the most important things is service if you don't have that we will not be back!!!! #7  It has to be clean both were you play and the bathroom have to be clean. #8  Now lets get into the most important things are the boards and lighting have to be the best !  if you can't see the board why play? The dart lines need to be in good shape and the scoreboards need to be in tip top condition so you can see what you need to shoot at and what your opponent is shooting at to finish out the game. There needs to be a in and out chart around so both players can see what they need to shoot for. #9  My most important thing is do the people you play for the bar takes a interest in your team!!!! So that you can have a good rep-ore. and come back  .   These are the things I look for when choosing a place to play out of make your choices count we want the best places to play out of in the future!

Jeff carter
5687 n canal Dimondale MI
This is one of the places we played two differnt leagues in it had all of makings of a great place to play 

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