Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Sabotage From Winmau Darts!

The Sabotage
90% Tungsten
Prism Force Shafts
Prism Alpha flights

Professional class

>Slim Barrels with an aggressively profiled finish.

>Manufactured from the finest grade 90% tungsten alloy.

>Shark fin profile ensures aerodynamic perfection

>Wreak havoc on the oche with these radical, machined edge darts.

Boxing   6
looks       9
feel         9
                                                                                    shafts.     6
                                                                                   flights       7
                                                                                   play ability  9
Jeff's choice to buy!   These are some of the best darts i have thrown I really like the look and the feel of the barrels the are very aggressive and they help me get to the board fast ! The shafts are ok but i would go with aluminum if I had the choice. The flights are ok but I like to have more flare so I would  buy something else. all in all this is my choice for great play and you would not have to change darts any time soon. These darts come in 20g 22g 24g 26g. Softip come in 18g 20 g

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