Sunday, May 3, 2020

Diamond Dart Sharpener

Retractable dart point sharpener made with a genuine fine coated diamond grit roughing surface . Built
to last and last is supplied with a pocket clip. Comes in red black and blue all your dart buddies will be using this! The grit is three sided and has a groove that go the whole length of the body you pull the dart threw three times and the dart is sharp wow! It also has a flat side to take off the burrs.  

Darts Multi-tool this has a sharpener in the tool and does so much more!

Dart sharpener This is your basic sharpener has it own key chain to carry everywhere you play darts  cheap to buy and last a long time!

You have many choices to choose from these are a few and Metro Darts carries these and more !

metro darts 5687 n canal Dimondale Mi 48821

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