Sunday, May 17, 2020

I am totally outraged!


Outrage 23 gram
  • Ultra-modern precision machined high quality brass barrels that will guarantee performance and style on the oche
  • Multiple angular buttress grooves provide the perfect grip
  • Classic parallel profile for players of all ability
  • Finished with class leading matt black coating and a touch of class

  • Flights   (7). regular standard red ,yellow ,bLACK 

  • SHAFTS   Prism shafts  (7) very nice shafts looks are great they might not have the sturdy power that most like  I like the rings in the shaft and the colors

  • BARRELS.  (7) These are brass darts so they will have big barrels  weights are 20gr 21gr 22gr 23gr barrel profile is specialist the front part of dart is round color of barrel is red, black, and yellow.

  • BOXING.  (7) comes in a foam holder for all dart parts and barrel nice boxing .

  • TIPS    (8)  Black high tensile holds to the sisel when threw at boards 

  • PRICE   (8) very good price at 20 $ range 

  • brass darts  (5)

  • Company   Winmau great company will stand behind there darts and design

  • All ana all.   I like the way they throw the feel is good 4 on the aggressive meter as far as grip the grip is full length  they have round rings and buttress groves. These are a great beginner dart but not meant for league play.

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