Friday, May 8, 2020


These are the RONIN MAKDTO soft and steel tip darts

Ronin Makoto Soft Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-18gm. A true warrior is action over words. Ronin is a range of darts for the skillful player. Standout graphics in regal colours echo an ancient Japanese warrior dynasty, that of a warrior with no master. These Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues. A Ronin does what is right, not what is easy, and Ronin Makoto values honesty above all. The front weighted version of its brother in arms, Ronin Rei, this exceptional 90% tungsten barrel features a slightly softer, yet still unwavering grid-like Shot Darts Masonry grip. Detailed milling and sharp radial edges are honed to precision and serve a solid, 5/5 grip close to the nose of the barrel – like a firm handshake. Ronin Makoto delivers a reliable push point with zero slip or drag on release. A strong player’s game is built on integrity because the ultimate honour lies in playing a good game.

This is a weight forward dart that carries great power to the board! It has a many ring barrel black and silver finish nylon shaft and a great flight for color matching. Tips are black and hold the board.

Flights   (8) 100 micron great long lasting flight

Shafts.   (8) i like all the nylon shafts they are heavy nylon and come in so many colors

Barrels    (7) The barrel is a basic weight forward dart these have a great grip to them come in many weights

Tips.        (8)   black  for better grip  soft tip last for a good long time. 

playability. (9). i am a weight forward player and i like these alot it get to the board fast for those who lob and the grip is great  I use all kinds of shafts and flights so that is interchangeable and easy to pick what i like . 

Thank you for using Metro Darts where we leave the bull to you !

5687 n canal 
Dimondale MI 48821

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