Saturday, May 16, 2020

We are going Interstellar on you !

Interstellar 24 gram
85% Tungsten alloy
Stunning darts that perform every bit as good as they look
The grooved rings are machined with the highest quality tolerances for perfect hand-to-grip feel
The space-age PVD Grip produces a dart of sublime appearance packed with the technology to match
Crafted for players who demand pinpoint accuracy and aerodynamic perfection
1) flights. (7) Black and purple long lasting flights. prism flights
2) shafts. (7) nylon black shafts lightweight with metal ring to hold flights better.
3) Barrel (8) 24gr and 26gr steel tip, center weighted ,front profile round , Laser winmau name,
4) boxing (7) nicely colored box darts are put in foam holder well done
5)Tips. (6). Silver effect high tensile
6) Price (6) price well in the 60$ range ok for these darts .
7) Tungsten 85%. (6). Middle of the line darts good for the quality.
8) Grip (7) i like the grip 1 thru 5 it is a 3 grip goes thru the whole barrel it has round grooves and the color is purple.
9) Company Winmau (9) great company will take care of you throughout your darting times!
10) all in all (6) These darts are quite capable and you will have these for a long time before you upgrade the feel is better than most and the rings are throughout the barrel for good grip. If you like a rounded front these will fit the bill.

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