Thursday, May 14, 2020

REI Darts from Shot Darts

Ronin Rei Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm. A Warrior Bends So They Do Not Break. Ronin is a range of darts for the skilful player. Standout graphics in regal colours echo an ancient Japanese warrior dynasty, that of a warrior with no master. These Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues. The code of Ronin Rei is one of respect among darts players – a trusted ally to be relied upon in the fiercest combat to strike with force and act with honour. Ronin Rei is a swift and stealthy 90% Tungsten premium barrel available in bold, flag-bearing red to command respect. This high calibre dart is centre weighted with an assertive, brick like ‘Masonry Grip’ on the front and rear of the barrel. The mid section of the barrel is encircled by the ‘Gauntlet Grip’ of a swift and deadly pair of shark fins. Sleek, sharp radial edges expose the design’s finer points, while it shears through the air and cuts down the competition.

The rei dart just feels good in the hand the barrel is weighted in the middle of the barrel for the better player !  The rings are staggered in a square all around the barrel quite different from any other dart I have seen .  It has a snub nose and the tips are black to better hold the dart in the board. These darts match the shirt that i just put on facebook you can get this in softip and steel tip 18 gr is the best for softip and steel has 22gr to 25 gr . The price is right and I feel this is great for the better player or one that wants to get better!  

1) flights.  (9) These are just cool flights the color and the picture it shows  these are 100micr  standard small .  flights cost 1.50 buy five  if you buy 20 they go for 1.25.

2). Shafts.  (7)  These are the nylon shaft I really like the way they are made as they hold up even in the toughest situation. Each have a metal ring to keep flight on better.

3)barrel.     (10)  This  is one of the best barrels I have seen I like the square rings the grip as it is one of the finest i have felt! The color of the rings are very nice and subtle and I like the balance of these darts as they are center balanced .

4) Boxing    (7). Shot does a very good job boxing each set but I would like to see better boxing as the darts get better!

5). Tips.     (8).   The tips are black and hold the board very good .

6). price     (9)  you pay more for a better dart so this is no exception don't hesitate  just buy this one if you like how it throws!

7) tungsten.  (9) 90%.  can't get much better than that.

8) company   (9)  Shot does what it takes to make the best of the best and still give great service to me and you !

9) playability.  (9).  These are one of the best  set of darts you can throw  the feel is great the balance is great and i like the color the dart flyes true to were you throw and it gets to the board fast!

10).  All in All.   (8)  If you want the best feel and the best performance these are the darts for you .  

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