Thursday, May 28, 2020

Preorder new shirts from Shot darts!

Preorder your shirt today

 The new polo shirt from SHOT darts you must start a preorder
to get one of these shirts be one of the first ones to order! If you are the first person to preorder metro darts will give the second shirt for 1/2 off . How good does that sound?
These shirts come in small to 4xxl and they match one of the darts that are made by SHOT.  I have two different shirts now and they are very comfortable , breathable, and give you plenty
of room to move! So what do you think? Want one 65.95 each if you do
buy two Metro Darts will give you the second one for 59.95. So heres
what you have to do call 517-646-7976 and put down 1/2 of your order
and in a couple of weeks or maybe a little more you will have your shirt.

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