Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Locking shaft system

Good morning all this is Tuesday and i got up a 5:00am got ready to take my wife to work it is a great morning !
I read over my e-mails when i got back home did not have many so I started on the idea of what subject  to  write today .  The coffee is brewing and the smell is fab I can not wait to get that first sip. I guess while I wait for the coffee I will get in that first shower of the day wow I feel great lets keep on with the thought of what to write about . I think most of you who play darts have to have the best set of darts you can afford so lets get them out and see how we can make them better .  Mine are a few years old so lets start at the tips if you have black tips like mine are they fully black or do they show were ? Mine so were so you Know what that means . The second thing you look at is the barrel well I am good there they are only a few years old come on i don't need to change anything on the barrel! Well the third thing is the shaft I use a different one each week, So I just change them up like the color or the shape and yes even what is is made of poly, nylon, alum, carbon well you get what I mean. The last thing to look at is the flight there is so much to choose from poly, fabric, nylon , carbon , and yes even hard plastic that last for a long time! Well i guess thats it no, no no, you forgot the O-rings most shafts have to have o-rings to keep the shaft from coming out of the barrel  or loosing and here at Metro Darts we have the o-rings you need you can buy a 12 pack or you can pay for the 50 pack that has the tool to get these little rings on the end of the shaft. The tool fits over the screw in part that goes into the barrel and then you just slide the o-rings on the shaft and now they won't come off when you are playing darts! Wow that was not  a easy thing to write about but it was a need that most people don't think about I am so glad that I can help were needed if you have any questions and want to Know more about your dart leave a comment below i will get back with you this is jeff signing off  and here at Metro Darts  WE LEAVE THE BULL TO YOU!

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