Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Zen Roshi Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-25gm Achieve mastery by stealth The Zen philosophy says ‘prioritise carefully, and choose only the essentials’. The Zen range by Shot Darts is a pared back dart series, free of distraction. Precision made at our factory in New Zealand, Zen barrels feature classic ring grips and push points that will suit most players and throwing styles. This sleek, front weighted dart is pared back to a zen-like simplicity, and shielded by a black titanium coating just a few microns deep. For the ultimate element of surprise. 

1)  Flights  (7)  Very nice subtle   flights each dart has its own flight style and it helps to  pick your darts out in crowd. price range 1.25 to 1.50 depending how many you buy.

2) Shafts    (7)  Nylon black with a hint of white  very nice long lasting shaft. price range of 2.15 to 2.50 depending how many you buy.

3) Barrel       (8)  This barrel is very hot seller it has many different styles of rings and the color is a gray black dart barrel, the front has a rounded shape.90 % tungsten comes in 25 grams

4)  Boxing  (7)  Has a foam case for all the parts vary colorful outside of box 

5) Grip       (9)  I really like this grip with so many different rings the feel is very good 4 grip scale out of 5

6)price       (9)  very good price  for the quality of darts 

7) all in all (8) These are a great set of darts for someone getting better at darts and wants that dart that can take them to the next level.

0.072 0.175 0.01 metersh  w d

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