Sunday, May 10, 2020

These are the Wild Frontier darts from SHOT DARTS

Wild Frontier-Prospector-Steel Tip Dart Set-90% Tungsten-22gm Saddle up, players, and join our wagon-train through the Wild West. From straight-arrow sheriffs to ornery outlaws – Wild Frontier recalls the legends and pays tribute to the skill and resilience of these gold mining, bear-trapping, hard-living pioneers. Prospector is a 90% Tungsten, back weighted dart, precision crafted to help you strike it lucky. With its tapered, missile shaped barrel, this dart will help you dig deep and give the game all you’ve got. Finished in lustrous gold titanium coating, and contrasted in coal-black titanium, the Prospector features the revolver grip at the push point, our most positive and comfortable grip yet. This grip profile allows you to relax your finger but still maintain complete control. Whether you’re an old-timer or a young buck, you’re sure to hit pay dirt with the Prospector

These darts are the best of the best they are one of the most expensive darts from Shot With the gold, silver and black finish they look like they can take on everything that is put in front of them!  The feel is very good with rings going in two differnt directions for better grip and throwing possibilities.These darts have a weight back feel to them so it brings the dart down a little to get that next dart in the rings on the board!

1)Flights  ( 7 )Great set of flights match the darts to a tee!

2)shafts  (9) These are the carbon shaft highest quality price is high but i would not put any thing that is cheap on these darts

3)Barrel ( 9 )I have to say these darts look and feel great and get to the board with ease I love the color, I like  the rings so many differnt  ones !

4) Boxing  ( 7). I like the boxing from Shot  it is easy to mix and match the flights with the box each dart comes in a foam body put into the box that hold flights ,shafts, and barrels. Easy to read what the dart does as it tills you on box.

5) tips ( 7 ) I really  I play with the black coated tips they hold the board better and look great with dart barrel.

6) price( 9) is high 115.00 or more  but worth it  you have to pay for the best in the line.

7) Tungsten  (9) 90%  Again you get the highest when you buy the best

8)Company  (8). i have to say they are one of the better companies i have worked with there products are top of the line they help me out were needed and i like how the box all there products.

9)  Playability. (9). These are the best in its class easy to play with as it fits right in hand! I really like the rings as it helps with grip   the look of these darts are out of this world  just a class dart!

10) Allin all.   8  and half  There were just a few things, this would be a great dart as a slim dart also with no taper but all in all for a weight forward dart you cannot go wrong!

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